• DON’T the number 1 rule of makeup is – Do not wear full makeup every day. It isn’t compulsory to wear a full facial costume or eye design every day, shuffle between a simple look and a made-up one. Foundation, concealer, lipstick, blush, full big eyebrows, a little powder, and mascara is a lot. Eyeshadows are good, but it’s not something you could do properly in seconds especially in the mornings when we’re mostly rushing to work, so you don’t want to look like you dint finish dressing up for the masquerade festival lol.
  • DON’T use emollient/greasy concealers on blemishes on the under eye area. Emollient products will either clog pores or slip into lines. Which could be a problem in the long run.
  • DON’T– use a concealer that is not your colour. It has to be exact, not too light or too dark. Doing otherwise will make your eye area look weird. Use a flesh-tone concealer hat is just a shade or two lighter than your foundation.
  • DON’T skip lip color. Adding a pop of color to your lips can brighten up a washed out/dull face and polish your whole look. Take a Saturday off and find out what colours work for you, but for your lips, eyes and blush
  •  DON’T be afraid to be bold (however know your limits) or step out of your comfort zone. Remember small, thin lips look best with brighter, vivid colors, and larger lips do better with softer shades. Avoid dark colors because they make lips look ominous and Gothic.
  • DON’T- overdo mascara. Clumped mascara is distracting and messy looking.
  • DON’T- do stripes when applying blush. Get a good blush brush, a soft color, and apply it using light, sweeping strokes. Do not allow the lines where the blush stops and starts to show. If it does show however, blend a little powder over your blush to soften any lines.
  • DON’T- Yes I know the big brows are in, but don’t overdo your eyebrows. Check our post on DIY Fridays to see how to get your eyebrows done properly
  • DON’T- Too much of everything isn’t good, so don’t glob on lip gloss, this can make you look like you’re drooling instead of a babyoku with a beautiful shine to your lips. If you have lines around your mouth, avoid glossy, slick, or creamy lipsticks because they’ll quickly bleed into the fine lines, and they won’t last past mid-morning before you need a touch-up.
  • DON’T- get carried away with glitter and shine. Remember, less is more. A little glitter is ok for night time, but during the day, it just looks wrongs. Almost as if you’re a walking disco ball lol.
  • DON’T- over-moisturize around your eyes. Too much moisturizer helps concealers and foundations to go sit on the lines on your face. If the skin around your eyes is the kind that needs extra moisture, apply it at night after wiping off your makeup, and use lighter-weight products during the day.