Meet #Gina


Say hello to the newest sensation on the Nigerian Music scene. Africa is about to witness the birth of another sensational singer and a pop artiste ready to occupy the throne of the pop world.
Her new single titled ‘Tele e’ is a new school house music deliberately laced to take over the dance hall.


Gina is a Hip Hop/R’n’B singer and composer who makes Afrosoul and Hip Hop. Upon hearing her sultry and elegant velvety voice, one is immediately reminded of the great Beyonce’. she is a native of Ogun state in south west Nigeria.

Gina, who studied History at University of Abuja, living in Abuja, Nigeria, running her fashion house, consulting for top club houses in the FCT, and at some point work…
ed with “Qintessentially” is set to release the second single from her forthcoming album”Sexiest Gina,” titled “Tele e’.” Her first single, ‘Super Sexy’ enjoyed massive airplay and rave reviews in Lagos and Abuja.

Back from the first round of her radio tour and preparing for her video shoot in the USA and a tour of Malaysia, Gina is set to revolutionize music with an epic sound she co-produced with Abuja most sensational producer Bobby Combs.