Feel Great



Fashion is not merely the stylish combination of outfits… it goes deeper to reflect your emotion/mood. Daily beauty rituals go a long way to show case ones emotions. You may not know it but if you take the time to study someone… let’s say a friend of yours; you will be able to tell what she spends conscious time and effort to perfect while dressing up. It might be her hair perfectly combed and styled, her shoes cleaned and polished, or even her makeup etc. Messing up this ritual might not necessarily ruin her day, but might lessen her personal confidence. That aside, it is just a minor case of what could deter your mood.

Most times when asked how I am, I say… “Awesome”

Personal confidence is within. Every woman no matter how much she hides it, loves to be appreciated, loves to be called beautiful, and most importantly wants to feel that way too about herself.  Learn this resolve; be the happiest you can ever be with no one but yourself… that’s your Wow Factor!!! This is what you notice when you look at picture and see the guy’s swag or how chic the girl is. By knowing this, not even a bad hair day can cut you off your steam. FEEL GREAT!