Fashionable Waist Belt Styles


Waist belts have a long history of fashion behind but even though it has been years that women wear the, still when it comes to choosing the right one, it gets hard.

The hard part stands on the fact of combining it as well as with the belt’s ability to sparkle your entire outfit. You never know the power a waist belt has, until you buy a plain and simple dress that seems to be too “boring” to even wear at home, but once added the waist belt, things seem to chance completely.


If you are looking for a waist belt that matches with most of your dresses and outfits, pick a brown or black one. Brown goes with everything but especially with beige, gold and florals.

If you have an elegant dress or maxi skirt, choose a “Moschino”, they are very popular and you can find them on ebay for about 30-50$.

Bow belts are a good choice as well; very girlish and stylish they can make you look fabulous.

For more waist belts ideas and combination, please have a look at these beautiful picture collection :)

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