DIY Fridays: Ripped Jeans


Hey everyone, it’s another Friday and don’t we all love some DIY adventure for the weekend…oh yeah we do! Ripped jeans are trending right now and here’s a little way of converting the jeans you already own to a cooler ripped version. What you’ll need: A pair of jeans, sandpaper, a seam ripper or paper cutter, and fabric marker (optional).
How to do it: Determine the areas of the jeans you would like to rip, then use the sandpaper and scrub against the area till it visibly thins out. Using the seam ripper, pick out the threads till those areas looked ripped. You can now colour it with the fabric marker if you would like some colour on the jeans. There you have it! Your new jeans are ready. You can wear them with heels or flats but generally as a casual outfit!