Be A Great Kisser In 5 Easy Steps


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According to recent research conducted by a German psychologist,66 percent of people turn their heads to the right when kissing so that their noses don’t bump–but the art of kissing is so much more than not having your noses bump or teeth crash. Kissing is the basic human need to connect. Whether it’s with babies, grandparents, old friends, on each cheek, or passionately with a lover, kissing is a favorite act across the globe and probably the only thing no matter the culture or religion, that we all agree is wonderful.

Studies suggests couples take at least two minutes a day to stop everything and kiss each other. If you focus on the moment, on your partner, and on getting grounded in your body, kissing can be like a meditation. Kissing reduces stress hormones and strengthens relationships. The fact is, happier couples spend a lot more time kissing and cuddling.

Take it slow
You want your kisses to be a sensual, so the important first step is to take things easy. Instead of going all tongue wild, start by gently kissing the object of your affection on the lips, without engaging the tongue. Do this a few times until you can feel they’re wanting more. Then slowly let a bit of tongue slip inside your lover’s mouth, gently rubbing their tongue with yours. You can also keep things slow, by kissing around the mouth.Kiss the top lip, then the bottom, perhaps after a while,you’ll be so excited, you’ll be ready for tongue.

Let’s get physical
Let’s start with posture. Obviously, your bodies will need to be close in order to kiss, but you can start a bit apart and work up toward pressing closer. As things start to heat up, press your bodies more firmly together. Also, being vocal can really steam up a kiss.  Letting out even a tiny moan while your mouths are touching can really increase the eroticism. Don’t forget your hands too, they can make the difference between an average kiss and an awesome kiss. Slowly stroke your partner’s body–their low back, face, hair, and shoulders. Whatever feels good for you.

It’s all about the confidence
A confident kisser always delivers the best results.  Be prepared with fresh breath, and the belief that you can transform the moment from so so to super-sensual. If in doubt, remember, if they’re kissing you it’s because they’re attracted to you, so embrace it. Listening to your partner’s subtle cues and pleasing them is also a great confidence builder.

Mix it up
When it comes to kissing like anything it’s best to keep things inventive. Whether it’s chewing on the lower lip, sucking their top lip, tickling ears or earlobes, or leaving a trail of soft kisses along your partner’s neck, taking the kisses for a little kiss-trip beyond the mouth is a thing of delight and passionate exploration.
Then there’s always ‘facial intercourse’, which is, as you might expect, mimicks sex with your mouth.

Plan for a lifetime of kisses
Attitudes toward kissing can change with time. Today, men and women both value cuddling. A survey of men between 40 and 70 years old found that those who kissed and cuddled with their wives or girlfriends were happier in their relationships. Likewise, women who said they kissed and cuddled with their partners reported being more sexually satisfied than women who kept their hands to themselves. To many, kissing is more intimate than intercourse. It can be the barometer of a healthy relationship.

Lastly and MOST IMPORTANTLY, ensure you stop at the kiss, that’s all I shared with you 🙂