Adokiye Talks About Her Nude Photo Shoot, Family And Love…




The beautiful architect cum afro pop singer, Adokiye Kyrian Yvonne in a recent interview with ‘Happenings’ finally sheds light on her controversial nude photo shoot, which made her $200,000 richer.

Read excerpts from the interview below;

Q.     Tell us more about yourself?

My name is Adokiye Kyrian and I’m from Imo State. I’m an artiste and also an architect by profession but I like to refer to myself as an artiste.

Q.     What influences your lyrics?

I am a sucker for love. I love love and I love to love. Love is beautiful, so everything I do musically, I like to play around that. Though, I love to make people dance but I don’t do way with love because for me, love is a story and it makes the world go round. So I always want to talk about it.

Q.     What do you have to say about your unclad photo shoot in New York?

Well it happened when I was in New York and it was for work. I am not going to talk much on it but it happened when I was in New York, I did a photo shoot for a private magazine company and that is it.

Q.     How did you deal with the criticisms that followed the nude pose?

Whoever does something they don’t criticize?

Q.     Did you ever react to the critics?

No I never did. Critics don’t come to your face, not even one person came to me to complain or anything. But they all say I went nude when I didn’t. Yeah! I showed skin but I didn’t go nude. So everything that went down was good.

Q.     Whats your family’s take on the nude?

My family is very supportive, they know the kind of girl they have, they understand the kind of daughter they have. They are really supportive; it is work like I said. It was very professional and official.

Adokiye has been spending her earnings well moving from one charity to the other. She’s set to drop her new video for ‘Back Up’ soon




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