Getting through a break up is never easy, even if it was mutual, because not only have you invested your time, you’ve also invested a lot of your emotions as well as other UN-refundable things.

1-      First of you have to realize that its ok to feel sad, it’s also important to allow yourself grief, let the pain flowwww, its actually even therapeutic to cry.

2-      Desist from “I miss you calls” don’t try to “accidentally” bump into him/her. Cutting off all contact is best for both of you.

3-      Thou shall not stalk! No you do not need to know what he/she is doing with her life, it will NOT help you feel better. So do not stalk especially with social media, which makes it easier to check what they posted, their profile etc in summary makes it easy to stalk. I know how hard it can be to resist the urge, that’s why it’s good to get a friend to monitor you, and make sure that

4-      Get fit!! But this time it’s different, you’re not doing this to look hot so as to spite your ex, but to feel better. Those endorphins that run through your body during a workout can do a world of good for your heart.

5-      It’s over for a reason, and if those reasons haven’t changed then don’t go back thinking it WILL change. Go back when it has changed.

6-      DON NOT BACKSLIDE!! As tempting as it might be to continue with your intimate relationship, do not, it will only drag you back and delay your recovery process. You might think “oh no, I’m doing it without feelings, it’s just that I’m comfortable with him/her”. Well news flash, self-denial never works.

7-      Create new memories, get a new hobby, and most importantly, get busy! Try as much as possible to take out any and everything that reminds you of your ex, so you don’t see it all the time.

8-      It might feel good to be in a new relationship, but you should give yourself enough time and space to get over everything from the last relationship, you don’t want to carry baggage into the next one and then BREAK-up AGAIN!

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