4 Questions You Should Never Ask Your Man


Communication is fundamental for any relationship. The best relationships are the ones found in friendship and mutual understanding. However, we all know that relationships require a lot of effort and struggling at times-and that is because it is impossible to get alone with someone all the time, no matter how much you love them.
There are so many books and TV shows that talk us about relationship rules, what to do and what not-but the truth is that every relationship is individual and the rules don’t apply for all of them-but what I believe all girls should know is that there are certain questions you don’t and shouldn’t ask your man. No matter how tempting it can be, if you want your relationship to work and be healthy you really should hold yourself on this four questions:
1- Do you think I am fat? This is a question that no matter what the man answer you will still not be happy. If he says ‘no’ you will accuse him of lying and you will keep nagging and saying how fat you look (even if you are skinny, is a women thing), if he says ‘yes, you look fat’, now that would piss you off! so the point is, just don’t ask any like this.

2-How was your ex like? This is a question you don’t want to know the answer, believe me. It is better not to know about his past relationships. You might want to know how his ex looked like, or how much he was in love with her, it doesn’t matter even if you asking out of curiosity, just leave it aside. What matters is the present, and his is with you now.

3-Will you call me when you arrive (at certain destination)? Text me before you go to bad, and text me when you leaving….This is way too needy and clingy. If a guy wants to text you, let him do it. But don’t pressure him to talk or text you all the time.

4-Where do you see us in ten years time? I always say that you should discuss your relationship and where it is headed-but don’t make the mistake of asking this too early. Let him be the first to mention the future and how much he wants to have you in his life. If you start talking about future, he might take you for granted or even worse, think you are desperate!