Remedy for body odour

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No matter how nice a person you are, if you smell bad no one will dare approach you.  Here are few tips to help eradicate Body Odour:

– Bathe with warm water in the morning, at night and after any strenuous activity. Warm water kills off bacteria that are present on the skin.

– Use an antibacterial soap to wash areas that are prone to body odour.

– Dust your underarms, your groin area and beneath the breasts with baking soda. This will absorb odour and prevent moisture that provides the ideal environment for odour-causing bacteria.

–  Soak a wash cloth in apple cider vinegar and wipe down areas of the body that contain bad odour. Be sure to get in-between fat rolls and other areas where moisture can accumulate.

– Follow the vinegar application with a clean dry wash cloth to remove excess moisture. If the skin is not thoroughly dried, odour-causing bacteria can accumulate and fungus may grow.

– Use a crystal rock stick in place of deodorant. It will not reduce perspiration, but it will balance out the pH level on the skin, thereby reducing the development of odour-causing bacteria.

–  Chew parsley to neutralise body odor. The chlorophyll will even out the body’s pH levels.

– Carry baby wipes with you so you can wipe areas where odour occurs. Throughout the day, use a wipe under the arms and around the groin area.

– Clothing: natural fibres allow your skin to breathe, resulting in better evaporation of sweat. Natural-made fibres include wool, silk or cotton.