Imo State Legalizes Abortion!


What happened to the “morality” Nigerians carry around like the national flag?

In a shocking turn of events that have traversed several decades, Okorocha the governor of Imo State has finally made head way on an issue some people may deem fit to call the dawn of “modern civilization” in Nigeria.

Imo state recently passed an abortion bill granting women reproductive rights and the ability to make decisions regarding their reproductive well being. According to the new law, every woman shall have the right to enjoy reproductive rights, including rights to medical abortion in cases of intimate assault, molestation, Inbreeding and where the continued pregnancy endangers the life or the physical, mental, psychological or emotional health of the mother.

The law also stipulates that “every woman shall have the right to take decisions about her health needs and requirements.” The law was very specific that a woman “shall have the right to determine the processes concerning reproduction in her body”

Hmmm…baby okus, I don’t know about this. In this time of great insecurity, mass unemployment and several other crucial issues, our policy makers are concerning themselves with paedophile bills and abortions bills!

Anyhoo I just dey watch, I’m sure before a week passes by we will have a movement called#childnotegg…watch out and remember you read it here first!