Your vagina is like an armpit between your legs. The difference? Your armpit gets more air, and is less sensitive. The way your vagina smells, is as a result of

  1. 1 your body’s natural sweaty smells
  2. 2 the detergent you use in washing your underwear
  3. 3 plus the smell of your vaginal secretion
  4. 4 what you eat, like the popular saying, you are what you eat.

Having mentioned this we, should know by now the steps to ensure a proper smelling vajayjay is to ensure that you wash your underwear properly with the right detergent, not toilet soaps, or dye based soaps.Bathe regularly, it hardly has enough air to breathe, so you don’t want it (your vagina) to go to bed stuffy and sweaty, use cotton panties or at least air-friendly fabrics. Any food that can make you have weird farts, bad breath, or strong smelling pee like beer, coffee, alcohol, asparagus, most dairy, onions, shallots, meat, and fish. Can also make you have a smelly below. Smoking also makes the taste of your body’s juices turn sour.

As for the fruits that help in change the taste of the vagina for the better, pineapple pops up more frequently… you know why..of course not, that’s why your reading this lol. Well apparently, pineapples are high in sugars, and when you eat it, some internal mechanism makes it possible for your stomach to send some of the sweet pineapple molecules straight to your vagina (All the pineapple sellers, watch out! Some babyokus are about to storm your yard! LOL). Other helpful fruits for your vagina (vulva) includes apples, celery, yogurt, red grapes, cranberry juice, lots of water, mint, watermelon, strawberries. Basically, anything that grows that isn’t smelly.

After meeting all the criteria for being a proper lady, you don’t want to be chasing MR RIGHT just because you refused to stop smelling :p .

IMPORTANT!- No matter what you eat, personal hygiene is paramount, your vagina is never going to smell like a rose garden(because it’s not), or taste like a fruits salad..because it’s not!, DO NOT DOUCHE!; it is wrong, unhealthy, and unnecessary. If you’ve got a serious problem with the smell/odor or taste of your vagina, pineapple isn’t the answer, but a doctor and some antibiotics.

Happy vagina= happy you and happy him

Do you ever think your vagina smells? Have you ever tried any sprays or perfumes for your vagina? Are you self-conscious of your down-there area? Tell us everything. Comment!