Will You Date a Mechanic?


No…I don’t mean a fancy one who has a Harvard degree in Mechanical Engineering…I mean one who actually gets on his knees and is immersed in grease up to his elbows.

Stratification of the society by class, especially in terms of relationship and marriage has been ongoing for centuries, and now more than ever- in an era where everyone wants to rub shoulders with the elites, it has really become a controversial topic.

I mean we baby okus don’t really look out for men who will treat us right, love us as we deserve, now the questions that follow when you tell you girlfriend that you have a man is:

  • where does he work
  • girllll, what kind of car does he drive
  • Where does he live

I am a GUILTY baby oku by all standards….I was inspired to write this post by an article I saw on a website that had a brother complaining that his sister, who is a banker was dating  a security guard. According to him, this security guard does all the right things for his sister, you know; little love letters, nice books with heartfelt notes, a shoulder to lean on, etc etc….but he’s a SECURITY GUARD!

What do you think baby okus? Can YOU date a mechanic? Or a security guard? A man who will worship the very ground you walk on but whose only flaw is that of being employed within the blue-collar sector….would you date him, much less marry him?