[Video] Governor Oshiomole’s Shocking & Disdainful Remark To A Widow Telling Her To “Go & Die”!


To think that Governor of Edo State Adams Oshiomole was once the Labour leader!The way the Governor addressed a widow who was found to have been illegally selling goods on the side of the road, during a recent sanitation exercise in Benin City is nothing short of shocking & cold.

The desperate woman went on her knees to beg the governor, pleading with him that she is a widow & was just waiting for transport to take her goods away, but he rebuffed her pleas of compassion & told her instead “You’re a widow, Go & die”, before instructing one of his aides to throw her things away!

As the woman’s goods were being carted away by some of the Governor’s aides he stood over her as she continued to beg on her knees. Governor Oshiomole how could you be so heartless? Do you not have any compassion? Our leaders need the compassion of Jesus, they seem so wicked

Culled from www.that1960chick.com