My boyfriend used my Bank account illegally to transfer funds which I didn’t know about, he only told me his cousin in US wants to send him money and he needs a GTBank account which it will take him time to open a new one before he will receive the money, I agreed that he used my account number. I didn’t know the amount and never bothered to ask, I don’t look into his money, I am totally independent.In the evening of that day, I got an alert of 380million naira credited to my account, I asked him, he said yes, that’s the money he was expecting. He was processing two visas for him and I to the State, and the money as he said is for us to establish there. Two days later, he quickly wired the money out of my account for safe keeping as he said. Two days remaining for our trip, I was arrested by the Economic and Financial Crimes commission (EFCC), my boyfriend escaped. All attempts to reach him was abortive, probably he later travelled out. I was sentenced to 5years imprisonment.

Two months in my jail term, a lawyer appeared, saying he’s interested in my case, the case lasted for 8 months, the lawyer succeeded in winning the case. All through the 10months+ I was in jail, James my boyfriend never showed up, no communication, nobody knew his where about.

On the day I was bailed, the God sent lawyer decided to drive me home, I was happy all through in the car but on getting home, the story changed, I couldn’t believe my eyes, my parents were just standing there watching the whole scene, the Lawyer came down first, he hugged him…. Did I say He hugged HIM? Yes he did, James hugged the Lawyer and the lawyer opened the front door for me as James knelt down in front me with tears rolling down his cheeks, he brought out my International passport and an engagement ring, he simply said with tears “I am sorry Kate, I never forgot u, I paid the lawyer to work on the case, I still acquired another Visa for us, I have been around watching, please marry me”
I couldn’t control my tears, I cried aloud, I wish I can just slap him badly, but my hands were stiff, everybody, the lawyer and my parents, all were in tears watching, hmmm…. I did what I could do, I made my choice, if it was a right choice, I don’t know but I made the choice.
Kate, Lagos

Plz Ladies if u were in my shoe, what will u do?

Guys, if u were my brother, will u allow him to marry me?

If u were James, what would u have done when ur gal was arrested all because of u?
Please give reasons for ur choice…

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