Something Special For Independent Baby Okus- AFFILIATE MARKETING


Affiliate marketing is an agreement between a product/service owner and an advertiser (the affiliate), in which the affiliate receives a reward (usually cash-based) on any customer he sends to the product/service owner. In simple words, you (the affiliate) will be paid a pre-agreed percentage of income on every sale you make through your efforts. This is singularly the easiest way to make money online in Nigeria.

It’s really easy because you don’t have to do a lot of work. All you have to do is find a consumer friendly product that the owner needs to be marketed online, then you set up a website (if you already don’t have one), which will be the platform upon which you will market the said product/service on. At this point you need to work to rank your blog/website on Google page 1 for it’s keyword and start an email list to promote the product/service.

There is a huge potential to make money from Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria, but the key things you need to remember is to choose a consumer friendly product/service, have a good website with a lot of traffic that preferably relates to the product/service and ensure to maintain a good rapport between yourself and the owner of the product/service you have chosen to market.

Once it’s all set it up, it just grows exponentially. As long as the leads come in, the more you will be earning. Affiliate Marketing is an incredibly inexpensive way to grow your business, because the initial agreement between the owner of the product/service and the affiliate does not require money exchanging hands. It is only when the affiliate begins sending customers or traffic to the owner’s website that the owner of the products/services will be required to pay the affiliate the commission which was initially agreed upon.

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