Meet Caroline Sam aka Maheeda


So let’s meet this new naija celeb Caroline Sam aka Maheeda. She is the one you have been hearing about that has given her life to Christ, Sanctified, Holy Ghost filled, Devil stomping, Gospel singing, Satan casting and binding …and yes been publishing HOT Sexy steamy photos online!  This Babyoku also known as the “Oko Yapian” the self proclaimed Top Nigerian Prostitute now turned gospel singer, is fast becoming one of Nigeria’s most talked about women.

Caroline Sam

Caroline Sam aka Maheeda

She recently stated that and i quote, “I Have The Urge To Prostitute After Getting Married…”. She married a Dutch that basically swept her off the street and is experiencing every prostitute’s dream of meeting that guy, the Kevin Costner and running off into the sunset like in the hit 1990 movie “Pretty Woman”. But you would think that was enough… ummm nope! She even released a decent gospel track titled “Superman”, lives in a very posh home in Lekki and rides high in SUV’s and high performance cars.

Buuuuggggghhhhh… BUT… there is always a but showing up (no pun intended). She has a personal issue.

So what’s the issue with this very hot babyoku? In an interview she revealed:

“Even after getting married I still have this urge of going out to meet a man. But I felt it should not be so. I am trying to let people know there is a spirit behind prostitution, If not, why after getting married, I have everything, I live in Lekki, I am driving a very big car and my husband gives me whatever I want, so why would I still feel like going into prostitution?”

She continues on:

“There is a spirit behind it. I continued prostitution even after getting married. The only thing that changed me was being born again and being delivered,” she explodes.

So… its just an urge abi? No harm, no foul… right? Nwanne… read on!

So why then does she have this habit of treating her fans to see whats underneath her clothes, always sharing unclad photos online. This leaves one wondering what kind of message she is preaching. Me, i just dey ask sha… You be Preacher or Prostitute? Or Social preaching prostitute? Or just seeking notice?

In Maheeda’s recent video, she showed off her full figured naked body in the shower. And funny enough it didn’t go down well with many of her fans and she has being receiving heavy criticisms ever since.

Responding on Twitter, the goddess of X with twitter handle @MaheedaNigeria tweets to her confused fans and anyone else that cares that, when she was preaching nobody listened now she is exposing her “tin” now everybody is coming to her …even pastors.
Goddess of X tweets

So… the moral of this post i guess would be “Marriage is not for everyone” as Oprah and our esteemed blogger here at Chimdi Okolo would say. Until next time, enjoy a few pictures from Caroline Sam aka Maheeda our latest babyoku trending naija celeb.