Is Silverbird Taking Advantage of Their Monopoly in Abuja?


Silverbird cinema is the FIRST place that comes to mind when Abuja residents decide they want to do something entertainment- wise. It’s always a situation of “Kels what should we do today?” and the common reply “Let’s go see a  movie, Amanda!” And the brilliant part about this is that there are precisely two cinemas in Abuja, one in Ceddi Plaza and the other in Silverbird galleria and both of these are owned by Silverbird.

The fact that the two cinemas are owned by Silverbird is in itself not a problem, what IS a problem is the service. Last week Friday, my company had a “team building” session and we decided to go to the cinema at Silverbird Galleria. Our boss being the gracious man he is, decide to treat us to the VIP experience. So there we were settling down till problem number one and the gravest of them all reared it ugly head.

All through the two hours we the movie ran, we couldn’t decipher what the actors were saying….I mean a WHOLE Silverbird couldn’t sort out their sound system before the movie began. Ok let’s ignore the  problem- after all at one time or another all businesses have technical issues; let’s ask ourselves what a good business should do at the point where they know they aren’t offering quality service. Shouldn’t t the logical thing to do, be to shut down that movie and offer a refund to all the customers in order to preserve the quality the business is already synonymous with?

As if the sound issue wasn’t enough for the said day, the power supply literally went off while we were in the cinema hall! And this is the third time I have had this experience in Silverbird. I’ve also been in the Silverbird cinemas at least on three separate occasions and the ACs weren’t working. I mean c’mon! We had  to bring out paper from our bags to fan ourselves!

Seriously monopoly is very bad for businesses(especially Nigerian businesses) because they tend to relax and dish out poor quality services when they know they are unrivalled in that sector. Again Nigerians  are complacent people who never demand for services synonymous with the amount of money they dished out.

Advice to Silverbird and Ben Bruce? You need to get it together, when people say Silverbird they need to continue thinking “classy and quality service” and your business is fast loosing that.