Husband, wife trade blame on infidelity


Lagos State – A couple, Muyideen and Simbiat Saula, on Thursday urged an Ikorodu Customary Court, Lagos, to dissolve their marriage, accusing each other of infidelity.

Simbiat, 27, a trader who resides at Fajemisi St., Kokoro Abu, Ikorodu, had earlier told the court that Muyideen beats her regularly adding that she was tired of his infidelity behaviours.“My husband beats me at any little mistake; he had battered me to the extent that I had two miscarriages.“He usually beats me to the extent that he would tear my cloths into pieces.“I have also heard him receive calls from different women.“I am no more interested in the marriage, “ she said.

Muyideen, 40,a businessman, also accused his wife of receiving strange calls from different men in the midnight.“My wife receives calls from concubines which her mother knows about.“She opened a Facebook account to chat with her concubines; she has also installed a security code on her phone, so that I would not have access to it.“I am also no more interested in the marriage because her mother came to pack her belongings for her, “ he said.The court’s president, Mr Emmanuel Daniel, adjourned the case till July 31, for possible reconciliation and judgement. (NAN).




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