He Drives a Bugatti….so what?


If na Bugatti do sharp sharp enter o! Just kidding, but seriously…this calls for some thought.

Baby oku, have you asked that man where he gets his blings from? Have you asked him where he gets  that shiny smooth ride  that you feel so fly riding in? Have you asked how he affords all the weekend trips to the US of A, to France and the Dominican republic?

Have you asked him the story of his wealth or you just keep taking and taking, not remembering to give back or ask some concerned questions?

You go into his house coveting all he has, creating a space for yourself, settling in but still do not ask what exactly he does for a living.

This is the story of many of us baby okus who just run blindly into “relationships” simply because being in that relationship will give us some financial relief.

So next time a bobo oku steps to you my lady, do the needful…ask yourself if you really like this guy or you like his money THEN ask him what he does that got him the Range Rover he drives and the house he lives in.

Don’t be an Abuja girl, be a BABY OKU….fiercely independent, fiercely lovable!