Beverly Osu- “I Slept With Men To Take Care Of My Family”


Beverly Ada Osu is at it again! I honestly don’t watch Big Brother, and reports I’ve been getting on Beverly has really made me glad that I never bothered with the show after it’s premiere way back when.

As y’all know Beverly, who is 21yrs old suffers a condition called “diarrhoea of the mouth”… and it really pains me that she’s repping Nigeria #sobbing hysterically. Back to the point, Beverly just dropped another personal bomb (after previously¬†confessing¬†she aborted a 4 months old pregnancy) that she slept with men for money, to take care of her family when her mother was away in the US.

I mean…..come on girl, who does that? I get that you’re trying to be open, but girlllll, the whole AFRICA is watching you and reading reports on you! And you do realize that the stigma of all these “confessions” and by-products of your “mouth diarrhoea” is going to stay with you for life?

Heck, only insane companies would want you to endorse any of their products after the show… And no one should give me the rap about “nobody holy pass”, just because “you no holy” doesn’t mean you should rub your sins in our faces!

Sincerely Beverly Osu, you need to be flogged! You have made us ashamed to be Nigerians!