BBA Update: Africa has voted Namibian beauty Dillish as the winner of The Chase.

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The gorgeous Namibian started her Chase race as the proverbial underdog and was labeled everything from lazy, to a pampered princess. As the Chase rolled on however, Dillish quickly emerged as a very strong contender for the Chase title and won her fellow Housemates and Africa over, with her quirky, accented alter ego, aptly titled Princess Dillish.

The Namibian made sure to stay away from trouble and coasted through the Chase by taking her place behind the scenes. While her fellow Housemates got themselves into hot water, fighting and gossiping their way to what they hoped was the top of the mountain, Dillish remained grounded and maintained cordial relations with her fellow Housemates.

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 How Nigerians were booted out of the Game

After holding on for dear life and making it to the Finale, Nigeria’s hopes of snatching the Chase crown went up in flames this evening, when Beverly and Melvin became the first two Chasemates in the Top 5 to be booted out.

The two Nigerians received the lowest votes after an intense round of voting this week. You could hear a pin drop as the Housemates, all dressed to the nines, sat in the lounge and awaited their fate. With USD 300 000 at stake, it is a given that nerves would be more than frayed.

It is just sad that this season of Big Brother Africa diverted from voting for the most loved housemate to voting by region… thus, creating divisions within the Continent instead of uniting us. Despite not winning the USD 300 000 grand prize, we are proud to say that these two young African’s are winners in their own right! Congratulations to them for reaching the Finale!


How Africa Voted:


Here’s who each country voted for

Angola: Dillish
Botswana: Cleo
Ghana: Elikem
Kenya: Dillish
Ethiopia: Beverly
Malawi: Cleo
Namibia: Dillish
Nigeria: Melvin
South Africa: Cleo
Sierra Leone: Elikem
Tanzania: Dillish
Uganda: Dillish
Zambia: Cleo
Zimbabwe: Elikem
Rest of Africa: Melvin

Total: Dillish = 5, Cleo = 4, Elikem = 3, Melvin = 2, Beverly = 1.

(Total: 15 Votes)