BBA the Chase Update: Bassey and Pokello out!!!

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This week it’s Sierra Leone’s Bassey and Zimbabwe’s Pokello that bid farewell to the other housemates and to the big prize money at the Big Brother show.

There was an akward silence and a few whispers here and there as the Zimbabwean Housemate made her way through the Chasemates.

Pokello followed her favourite Housemate and best friend Bassey who became the 15th Chasemate to be booted out of The Chase… I am so gonna miss Bassey.

It’s been 8 weeks so far, and so far Team Nigeria is still intact with Melvin escaping eviction after being nominated once. Beverly has yet to be nominated for eviction.

See how Africa Voted:

Angola: Angelo
Botswana: Angelo
Ghana: Pokello
Kenya: Annabel
Ethiopia: Dillish
Malawi: Dillish
Namibia: Dillish
Nigeria: Bassey
South Africa: Angelo
Sierra Leone: Bassey
Tanzania: Annabel
Uganda: Annabel
Zambia: Angelo
Zimbabwe: Pokello
Rest of Africa: Angelo

Total: Angelo = 5; Annabel = 3; Dillish = 3, Pokello = 2, Basssey = 2. (Total: 15 Votes)