Are Nigerian Guys Finally Catching the Romance Bug?


So my girl friend put up this picture on her Blackberry and there I was drooling all over it and thinking how utterly romantic the gesture was….daydreaming of when such things will begin to happen in Naija….


When I was finally able to get my act together a little, I asked her where she had grabbed the picture from and lo and behold she said her BOYFRIEND did it!!!! I mean come on *rolls eye** the average Naija guy thinks he’s romantic when he shoves money in your hand or in your account…but this? A really thought out action aimed to please? Uh-uh! Don’t get me wrong, I love my Naija brothers, but on this note…I give them a huge F9…

Soooo…the point of my post? Simple! Naija guys please please, be more thoughtful when you desire to please that special lady!