As much as we see hijab tutorials  everywhere on the web we end up thinking they look all alike, but the truth is that only one different touch or wrap of a hijab style can make it looks a brand new one.


There are many Hijab tutorials and guides at your disposal on the internet for every face shape and every girl style, thy are helpful because they encourage new and young muslimahs to wear the hijab. Now the point is to find a hijab style in which you feel comfortable the whole day whilst looking beautiful. Today’s tutorial is similar to many styles that have already been shared, but the way the last piece of fabric is pinned is what makes it different and stylish.

Here are various ways you could tie your hijab. Remember Practice Makes Perfect….enjoy



hijab tutor2

You will need an elegant fabric (shimmery, high class, satin etc) to make your hijab look classy such as the one below.

hijab for outing



hijabsty10 hijabsty9 hijabsty8 hijabsty7 hijabsty6 hijabsty5 hijabsty4 hijabsty3 hijabsty2 hijabsty1 turban style