Here’s an inspiring story about about Aevin Dugas a 38-year-old social worker from Louisiana, holds the Guinness Record for the largest natural afro hairstyle in the world. With a circumference measuring an incredible 4 feet 4 inches (1.32 m), the hairdo has[…]

Au Naturelle

Miss Anna E. Banner wins the MBGN 2013 after going successfully through all the tasks and various challenges. Miss Imo, Cynthia Onyekachi was first runner up. People think that it was rigged, well am indifferent about it but on the[…]

#MBGN2013 Daylight robbery!

Hey!  have you ever desired great full hair? lolz who hasn’t. well do you know you can get great hair by eating too? Here are some things you can eat that will help with your overall hair health: 1. Salmon[…]

Great Food… Great Hair

cornrows are braids of hair that are plated flat against the scalp, hair extension can also be used in the process. it’s a beautiful way to  define your face and give your self a unique look.

Cornrow Braids