Yeeaah its Christmas once more and a lot of celebration and activities are taking place. So many of us might be disappointed; we didn’t get that contract, we didn’t get that job , we didn’t get that husband etc. Christmas[…]

Merry Christmas

Wearing Turbans have now become a fashion statement. I’m loving theses trendy turban because if you are having a bad hair day, get a scarf and tie it up like a turban.   Let me show you how to tie[…]


HENNA TATTOOS The use of Henna for body art is several centuries old at least. It originated from the people of ancient Egypt and India but is also found to grow in Nigeria, this form of temporary tattoo is used[…]


1st African Female PEPSI ambassador #TiwaSavage on Todays Woman Magazine cover. What can you say about her look?


Stella, CEO of Jadore fashion, looks so stylish and gorgeous  in her outfits with her  pregnancy. Many pregnant women find it very difficult to pick the right outfits sometimes especially in the first trimester probably due to changes in their[…]


Cropped tops are everywhere at the moment with lots of ladies showing off flat and not-so-flat tummies. Here’s a DIY method of getting yours without spending money. What you’ll need: A tank top, a pair of scissors and a measuring[…]

DIY FRIDAYS: Cropped top