What Your Handbag Says About You


What’s in your handbag-or not in it?

According to psychological research studies, the bits and pieces of your personality come together in your handbag.
No matter how many feelings a woman’s life is packed with, she tries to make room for them, just as she keeps adding to her purse.
What do the size, style (or type), and contents of your purse reveal?


If you favor plus-sized purses or big bags (to have room for many items), your life is full of many interests and you love to learn things.

A bag that’s in-between indicates that you prefer to play it safe; before making a decision make sure to do your research so you’re fully informed.

Do you prefer tiny bags? You “travel light” through life-you don’t need a lot of money, friends or possessions to make you happy. As long as you have a few people to love (and who love you back) and enough money to get by, you’re a happy camper!


Messy (containing old candy wrappings, bills, old-or used (!) tissue, and other “junk”wink

You tend to be very busy and don’t have time to clean out your purse. You actually may not want to; these particular items show a rebellious streak that not many know you have. It’s the one spot where you don’t have to live up to other’s expectations (a release valve!).
On the contrary, your home’s tidy and your work is always well organized. But that purse…

Only the essentials (such as keys or a chequebook)

Once in a while, a stray item may find its way into your purse, but it’s never there for more than a few days. You tend to be productive, efficient, super-organized and will be successful no matter what you undertake.

Everything but the essentials

If you forget to pack the essentials, you may be a free spirit whose focus is on the creative rather than the practical side of life.

The essentials, plus “just in case” items(band-aids, cough drops, mints, fresh tissue, a pair of scissors, portable umbrella, pocket dictionary, etc.)

Your handbag is your security blanket (some would say a “”home away from home” or a “walking department store”!). You need the assurance of knowing you can handle anything that might come your way. And you can. You’re the one friends can turn to in a crisis because you’ll stay calm, cool and collected.

Style (or Type)

Eye-catching color or print

Do you love wearing bags in traffic-stopping colors or designs, even if it clashes with the rest of your outfit? Then you possess a healthy dose of individuality. You’re fearless and also have a great sense of humor.

Glitzy and glamorous

A sparkly, one-of-a-kind designer purse demands attention-and so do you. You have an open, easygoing manner and super-confident nature.

With handles

You are responsible, dependable and able to handle most situations that come your way. You enjoy being in charge (and like seeking out authority positions!).

Knapsack or shoulder bag

You’re super busy, sometimes having a hectic schedule, but you manage to get everything done because you’re an excellent time manager. But you need to find enough time to relax.

Men (most of them, anyway) don’t need a handbag, and that’s because their emotional lives are different from women’s (besides the fact that they have fewer roles to juggle, therefore less to carry around).  Men have been raised to fold their feelings into ‘compartments’ and keep them neatly tucked away (the wallet is perfect for them!).

Women are encouraged to make room for all their feelings.

culled from http://voices.yahoo.com/what-handbag-purse-says-you-6934424.html

So what type of bag do YOU carry?