Go futuristic With Metallic Nail Polish


Nail art has won the hearts of many in Nigeria though it’s not as popular as it should be, but it is getting there. Nail arts are a fun way to get creative and coin your very own style. Its a diversion from the boring plain color style most women are use to. Nail art comes in different forms and this includes the metallic nail design.



The metallic nails come in different forms, be it the liquid nail polish or the more creative ready-made sticker form. For the liquid nail polish, here is how to get it done yourself.


  • Start with clean dry smooth nail. Then, apply a ridge-filler base coat and let this dry for 2 minutes. This gives you a smooth surface to start out with.
  • After, apply 2 very thin coats of metallic polish, letting each coat dry 2 minutes in between. Resist the temptation to try to get the look on the first coat.




The sticker nails work in a slightly different way. They come in different sizes like the acrylic nails. To fix it;


  • Clean the surface of your nails and get rid of cuticles.
  • Choose the sticker size proper for your nails then paste the rounded edge against the cuticle line and gently press down for the sticker to fully surface your nail.
  • Trim the edges of the sticker to the length of your nails underneath.
  • Now flaunt those nails in style girl! Have fun.