Baby Oku’s Fashion Must-Haves


So there a lot of fashion Must-Haves floating around the internet and I thought…babyoku should have its own list…so here gooeeessss!!!

In no particular order of importance, I feel all baby okus must have the items listed below:

  • A pair of black leggings


Leggings are  super important as a staple in your wardrobe because they can help a short dress become more appropriate, on the go a large shirt can be thrown over it and it can equally be dressed up with heels to have a sophisticated look

  • A boyfriend Jacket

boyfriend jacket

I can not begin to state the importance and recurrent need of this versatile jacket. It can we worn formally to work and occassions, over dresses for a more sophisticated look, or over a polo/wife beater for a more laid back look.

  • A banging Pair of Shoe (high heel and flats)

For me, shoes make or break an outfit…you can wear really awful clothes but when you put the right shoes to it, the outfit simply transforms. So a banging pair of heels and flats is absolutely necessary for your journey as baby oku fashionista

Alright calm down ladies…I’m not talking diamonds and pearls, I’m talking about statement costume pieces which are all the rave right now. Damn straight its a “rave” for a reason. In my book, costume jewelelry can also MAKE or BREAK an outfit…uh-uh girl, don’t be shaking your head like that at me….lol! I say it can make your outfit because when you accessorize with carefully selected jewellery on an outfit, it increases the shine and sophistication of your wear and vice versa, i.e  without jewellery your outfit could look quite drab. For those on a budget, the secret is to buy two sets of jewellery (neck piece, bangle/cuff,ring and earring) in gold and silver tones so you can always accessorize based on the tone(gold or silver) that fits the outfit.

  • Make Up

mascara n lippy

I confess ladies….I’m not much of a make up fan, but there are two things that have become my guilty pleasure over time-lipgloss and mascara…so that’s why “make up” made this list.

  • Bag

It completely baffles me when some ladies say “I don’t carry bags”….I always do a double take…I mean, c’mon sistas! Minus the bag adding an extra “tush” to the outfit, where do you store your money, phones, lipgloss, pocket tissues, shades etc etc that we ladies compulsorily carry around? I’m not much of a bag fan, but I do realize its important to my outfit and stuff I have to cart around…. so I’m everly grateful to the creator/propagators of handbags.

  • Belts


Belts are essential in order to hold you together,  but the belt that made this list is the slim tummy belt. The slim tummy belt is so important, particularly this season that a lot of waist emphasizing style of the 1900s made their great return. It also adds to the “va-va-voom” of your outfit if it has a lovely head.

I don’t even need to talk about this one a lot, except to say that looking fabolous starts from your under garments. Ensure you bra is fitting, i.e packs and holds those babies perfectly and please pleaseee I dey beg ooo….please make sure you panty lines are invisible before you leave the house, so you dont look like this

  • A Little  Black Dress


Obviously this had to make the list, if not all fashionistas would curse me out *rolls eye*. I recommend a little black dress that can be dressed up or down (in fact when shopping ensure to always buy pieces that are versatile-that is dressed up or down to ensure you always wear your clothes even when your social life is the pits *evil grin* not that I wish that on any body).

  • Chiffon tops

Well not necessarily chiffon tops…but as I call it tops that “flop” out. As I previously mentioned, this season is all about vintage inspired styles…which means emphasis on the WAIST….a chiffon top or “floppy” tops can do wonders for high waist skirt/trouser/jeans/shorts etc etc….for those carrying around excess flesh around the waist, the chiffon top will work magic in keeping it hidden. For me though, chiffon tops are a “yes yes” because it gives your outfit that sophisticated finishing since it doesn’t come in clingy styles (hate clingy top thingies  -_-)

  • Perfume

There’s absolutely no need wearing prada, gusshi (yoruba brethrens I hail o, I love efo riro die), loubitins and what have you if you are going to smell like poop! Absolutely no need lovies!!! So hook yourself up with some nice deodorants, body sprays and Perfumes. Thank me lerra 🙂

  • Jeans


Every single baby oku and even bobo okus, need a pair of  comfortable jeans that will take you to the moon and back. It doesn’t have to be a pencil jean, it can be whatever style that you feel great in. Jeans are what most people fall back on when they are running late or have absolutely no idea of what to wear. So if you don’t have one right now, hunt down a pair ASAP!


The above list contains basic items every baby oku must have in her wardrobe to be a true fashionista, but remember that your attitude and disposition matters more that your outfit. Looking fabulous is all about carriage and feeling like a million bucks, because people always sense what you feel about yourself and what you put out, is what you get… that’s the way life works.

Sooooo, its a wrap!! If you have more suggestions of what should go in the list, please DO leave a comment!