10 Pieces of Jewellery Every Woman Should Own


I’m planning on going on a jewellry splash, and this list has really helped me to prioritize. What do you guys think? Is there something missing or somthing on the list that’s not essential?

 menswearwach(1)Must-Have #1: A Menswear-Inspired Watch

Besides keeping you punctual, a great menswear-inspired watch is the perfect way to ground your girly jewelry. Invest in one that looks like it could be shared with either your boyfriend or even your grandpa, with a slightly bigger face and either a metallic or leather strap.

largemetallichoops(1)Must-Have #2: Large Metallic Hoops

Sometimes, a simple hoop can add just the right amount of interest to your look, particularly when your hair is pulled off your face. A thinner hoop that is larger than a silver dollar manages to feel both festive and feminine.

goldandsilverstuds(1) Must-Have #3: Gold and Silver Studs

While you wont be making any huge fashion statements with a simple stud, they are essential to finish a look. We love a domed ball for versatility but like a pyramid stud, bar, or shape, like a heart or star, too. These little metallic must-haves are best worn when either your necklace or bracelets are making the statement.

simplestuds(1) Must-Have #4: Simple Diamond (or Diamond-Looking) Studs

Every girl needs some sparkle in her life, and understated diamond earrings—or diamond adjacent—are the perfect way to do just that. These small studs will instantly elevate your look, are ideal for every occasion, and will give any outfit a touch of glamour.

turquoiseneckalce(1) Must-Have #5: A Turquoise Necklace

Whether it’s making a simple white tee look cooler or transforming a print dress into something ethnically exotic, a little bit of turquoise can have a big impact. We recommend you have at least one chunky turquoise necklace to throw on irreverently, as it’s certain to infuse your outfit with some organic ease and worldly charm.

strandofpearls(1)Must-Have #6: A Strand Of Pearls

We love how this never-out-of-style piece can top off a ladylike look and make it feel exquisitely sophisticated and classic. Worn with a simple black dress, a strand of pearls is always a sweet choice. It should work on its own and be neither too short nor too long. Think: Breakfast at Tiffany’s!

rockandroll(1)Must-Have #7: Something Rock ‘n’ Roll

Rock ‘n’ rollers have long since defined our love of studs, chains, spikes, and tough symbols. Use a piece you love, like pyramid stud earrings or a leather cuff, to offset the sweetness of a feminine floral dress or add an unexpected touch to a more conservative suit.

locket(1) Must-Have #8: A Locket

A vintage-inspired locket can provide character and interest to almost any outfit. We love it thrown on with a casual tee and jeans, but this old-fashioned treasure will also make a modern dress look even cooler.

metalliccuff(1) Must-Have #9: Metallic Cuffs

When it comes to metallic cuffs, your mantra should be: the bigger and bolder, the better. Wear a cuff (or two) to feel like the superhero you are. We especially love them paired with something sleek—like a longer sheath dress or even a pencil skirt and corset look.

righthandring(1) Must-Have #10: A Right-Hand Ring

Since your left hand is reserved for more serious jewellery (like wedding bands or grandma’s old ruby ring), think of your right hand as a place to play. Go for something that is stackable, colourful, or oversized, and that can ideally be worn on your pointer or middle finger for impact.

Culled from www.whowhatwear.com